From Universe to You 💕

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Yellow, green, orange and red

In gratitude to be granted each day to realize the beauty of earth. Her femine blossoming of the season consisting of loving and healing hues (autumn) before she goes into hibernating season (winter).

May all be engulfed by her loving spirit and may all be
your very own being.

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Send love and light!

We, humans, are not the only specie around : ) And, it is time to tend to our waters ,is it not?? Let’s spread out the words and send our love and light, my lovely humans.

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Self Mastery

IMG_20150407_202506We are always learning something new for ourselves and about ourselves on top of that. The more one encounters this self realization, the more one travels closer towards truth; a narrow towards a broader spectrum about life, it can be anything. And each time is enlightening..

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It is time..

It is time..for her to flow again in silence..before she steps back in her bubble ship, she closes her eyes and silently prays for paradise to prevail again.. here on this planet..”AUM”..Her last sound..

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She can only assist him with words..hoping to dive in deep in order to spark his courage..she will be solid but gentle, for he needs gentleness for his heart and mind..he is matter trivial it may be, it is a battle of victory for the sake of defending his life in this harsh environment..all matters invoke emotions; therefore, he struggles inwardly, for he has little knowledge to tend to himself in that matter; battling, almost losing and almost between he thought to give up..she would not let him; she would not allow it, she demand it, for his heart, she holds in the palm of her hand..she will be the one, to decide whether he lives or he dies. He remembers..that he had left it to her a long while ago after his revival..he acknowledges it…and so she assist him with encouraging gentle words, he starts to lift himself up again, wiser than before..his heart and mind strengthened, slowly readying ..for life on a whole new level..


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Embrace the Emergence of Harmony

Image    I went out to the levy, outside of my neighborhood, with my younger sister and my baby brother. We all walked on the already existing paved dirt road together and started to branch off to do our own things around the levy as we walked. My brother stopped and started to have his imagination run wild, which he started drawing shapes on the the paved dirt road. My younger sister stopped, walked to the side of the ten feet wide trench, and crouched down to watch the lady bugs settle into their temporary new home, protecting them from the intermediate force of wind brushing by. I continued down the paved dirt road, humming to my favorite rhythms I had usually listened to at home. As I hummed, I found myself humming towards my entourage revolving with each other; tuning myself in with what I can see before my eyes and hearing the critters, the wind brushing through a region of trees, and wind passing by me. I continued humming while I walked. As I walked, I spotted a medium-sized bird,that looked like a falcon, venturing in the sky tuning in with the hard blowing wind; riding with the wind. I continued to hum while watching it gliding and riding through the wind and noticed it spotted me. It continued to glide and ride, but this time making its way towards my direction. It aligned itself with me in the sky and circled twice, then rode away. At that moment, we had harmonized our co-existences. (The image above is not my artwork. This beautiful piece is accredited to the artist. Anyway, I inserted this image as a depiction to go with my my title ( : ).


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